Coffee Tables, etc.

You know what would be cool? Finding my camera battery charger. That would be cool. Because I have so very much to photograph and zero battery life left on ye olde camera. Hmmm.  I’ll continue to turn the house upside down til I find it.

Anyway, last week was a real doozy what with work busyness, Simon going out of town, and more. On Wednesday, my coffee table was delivered from HSN. I’m glad I held out on ordering it because it went on a great sale, so I really saved a lot of money. A pleasant surprise.

But you know what wasn’t a pleasant surprise? Opening that sixty-pound box up (literally 60 lbs) and finding the glass shattered into a billion tiny pieces.

Oh, did I mention that I opened up the box on top of the new rug that was the replacement for the old rug that had glass shards embedded in it?! UGH. Thankfully the glass was enclosed in a plastic bag so there was no more glass to be scattered about the floor and caught up in precious 2-year-old feet.  I’m also glad that Simon’s brother was here to help me clean it up. I thought, “Wow, what a pain this is going to be to pack up this broken glass and lug it to UPS and then have to ship it all back to HSN. No way.”

I called HSN and they offered me that very option, but they would refund me  the cost of having UPS come to the house and pick up the glass and table. Hmm. Ok. That’s reasonable enough. But then, the super-helpful and incredibly friendly HSN rep said, “You know what? I have a better solution. I would be so mad if this had happened to me. If it’s okay with you, why don’t you call a local glass company and ask them for a quote on how much a piece of glass like that would cost? Then call us back, speak to the supervisor, and we will refund you that amount back to your credit card. I’m just so very sorry this happened to you.”


I couldn’t believe my ears. So I called a local glass co., got my quote, called HSN back, and not only did they refund me the cost of the glass at $60, but they also gave me an extra $5 for my trouble.

Honestly, I cannot remember a time in the recent past when I have had such excellent, superior customer service. Each rep I spoke with was friendly, helpful, apologetic, and easy to talk to. So I give mad props to HSN. Was it lame that my glass was broken for my new table? Yup, but I did walk away with a newfound appreciation for a company I had never given a second glance at.

Well, I would show you what my coffee table – sans glass, for the moment – looks like in the living room, except for that darn battery charger. So I guess you’ll just hafta wait.

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