Grand tour of Uptown Kids

Whew. After a summer of work work work, Uptown Kids is finally up and at ’em. And it is ah-mazing. I have been in a lot of retail shops, and a lot of kids’ shops, but nothing ever like this one. It is over-the-top cool. Elliott + Associates did a killer job.

The entire concept is based on a grid of squares. Everything I did had to have a square. Going into the project, they had no idea of what they wanted for an identity, so I presented several different concepts to them. My personal favorite was the subway lines concept. I felt it was a perfect match for their store name, and it was fun. Perfect for an upscale kids’ store without being stuffy.

Elliott & Assoc. wanted to do a huge cube hanging from the ceiling for their primary interior signage. I absolutely love the way this turned out. Yes, it took two years off of my life and my brain is permanently fried from messing with the three-dimensionality of it, and making all those subway lines meet up, but the result is fantastic.

The other big showstopper is The Yellow Box, aka, the kids’ play room. Uptown Kids is planning on also hosting a lot of moms’ support groups, classes, etc., that will be held in The Yellow Box. LOVE it. It’s a classic Elliott + Associates’ trademark.

More of the cube. I’m super proud of it. The guys who made it were proud of it too. It was the first time that they’d ever made anything like it.

Custom UTK kids’ shirts!

Grand Opening postcard. Click here to see all the upcoming events and the grand opening schedule.

Custom water bottles, playing off our OKC subway circles. Instead, it’s H2O.

Below, you can see the number tees we did. Perfect for a birthday!

Oh, another custom tee. This one comes in several different colors. I think I love the green version the best.

All in all, a fantastic project that I am super proud to have had a hand in. I’ll have to show you how the VIP invitations turned out sometime too when I can get them photographed!

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