Thibaut Fabrics & Wallpapers

I’ve been looking through fabrics in hopes that I might find some fabulous print for my new/old green chairs. And then I saw this from Thibaut and I fell madly in love. Wouldn’t my pair of chairs look so so lovely?

It comes in a variety of colorways that are stunning. I think the aqua might be my favorite. Thibaut has plenty of gorgeousness to choose from, though.

I don’t know why – it’s totally not what I would expect to like – but i cannot get enough of this green paper below. I would like to see it in a more modern space, but wowza. I love it.

Mmmmm, this coral medallion print. YUM YUM YUM. In several different colorways, too, including a lovely metallic for those of you not-too-inclined to color.

I just want to hop right into one of those beds!