Furniture Finds

Some new furniture has come to live at our house. Simon’s mom is selling a house that was full of some crazy old furniture. Simon spotted this pair of green chairs. I wish they weren’t quite so dirty (and they are dirrrrrrty) because the color really floats my boat. But I can imagine them in some totally rockin’ bold print. I adore the shape of them. I have NO idea where I will put them, but I got the pair, plus an ottoman, for $50! I have big dreams of reupholstering them myself. We’ll see.

Such a funky shape!

Then there’s my little campaign desk! I love it! I found it for $200 on eBay, and then I shot them a Best Offer and they accepted for $115. I think I got a pretty good deal. It arrived on a truck that was going cross-country full of furniture, around 10:00 at night. All the old ladies in the cul-de-sac got really nervous about that big o’ truck with the blinking caution lights sitting out in front of our house that late at night. Hee hee

I don’t think that the desk will stay there since it does stick out into the entryway by an inch or so.