Sorry posting has been light this week. I’m up to my elbows in work as well as other things like getting insurance figured out on my car wreck. I guess I’m glad to say that the car was totaled because it means a new(to me) car is in my future. My parents are amazing and have helped us out in a major way. Yesterday while I was doing the dishes, the doorbell rang and Jude and I went to see who it was. Dad was standing there, and in the driveway was one of the cars we had test driven that I had really really liked. Simon and my mom were sitting in it. Dad and Simon worked their mad negotiating skills and I get to go pick up the car later today. I was utterly speechless. I really do love surprises, and that was the best one!

Now I’d say that’s the best surprise that’s ever happened to me while I doing dishes! Nothing that good EVER happens when you’re up to your elbows in soap!

Simon and I are continuously in awe of the generosity of my parents. Our biggest hope is that one day we can be as generous to our own child(ren) in their time of need. Mom and Dad, we are thankful for your godly example and the way that you continue to bless us through your unabashed, over-the-top giving of your love and resources. Thank you.

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