Helms Bakery District

When we went to LA, we checked out the Helms Bakery District, a former bread bakery that has now been converted into a really amazing home-decor outdoor shopping center. Touted as a modern design mecca, the complex was sparkling clean and had not only amazing home decor shops, but some hip restaurants, too.  It was a remarkable transformation and so inspirational – what abandoned old building in your city could be transformed into something really beautiful and functional?  They really kept the character and style of the original factory and it made for a fun experience.

Helms Bread Bakery

One of the best furniture shops there, among others including Room & Board, is HD Buttercup. Their showroom is HUGE, including an outlet across the way (behind where I was standing, shooting the photo below).


Their showroom just kept going and going. Every corner we turned, Simon and I were both oohing and aahing. The gorgeousness just didn’t stop. You name the style of furniture, they got it.

HD Buttercup chaise


Accessories galore, as well.  I saw tons of little items that I wanted to pick up and bring home.  Here was a pretty little Americana display.


SWOON.  Those little wheels on the legs just make it for me. I’m a sucker for little tiny wheels.


My favorite part was the industrial-inspired area, including these authentic vintage posters and ephemera from Europe. I could’ve gone nuts there.

HD Buttercup maps



It had just as good a variety as the Paris flea markets, but far better organized.


I have a special place in my heart for industrial pieces. I just love me some stainless steel and I think every room can benefit from a little industrial influence.


HD Buttercup drawers

It was all I could do to keep from snatching up some of these locker baskets in those creamy gelato colors.

HD Buttercup

We will definitely be hitting the Helms Bakery District again in LA. I kept telling Simon the whole time, “We could so do this in Oklahoma City! What old crappy abandoned building can we buy and turn into a fabulous furniture store?!?!”  He was all, “You’re nuts.”  🙂

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