Rain, rain, go away!

It’s raining here as I type. As in, monumental rain. Serious flooding. End-of-the-world, better-get-your-ark-built-NOW flooding.

And it’s now raining in our living room as well. There’s a lovely leak in the ceiling. Simon and I joked about sticking some piece of furniture under the leak that we really didn’t like – hey, gotta make lemonade outta lemons somehow, right? 🙂

Right. I’m trying not to feel a wee bit discouraged after this ridiculous month of hail and now water damage.

In the meantime, I’ve been  brainstorming some ideas for painting Jude’s room. I was so inspired by all those Lucy & Co. painted walls, but I really don’t want to add much more color to Jude’s room. Doing a tone-on-tone gingham might be the answer for me.  I did some mockups to see how it would look.

Thoughts on this? Any thoughts welcome – too much pattern? Weird? Difficult? Adorable? Best thing you’ve ever seen?

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