In the last 24+ hours


  • Wake up
  • Rush to get self presentable and get child ready
  • Scream out of driveway at 8:45am to head to Bible Study Fellowship that starts at 9:10.
  • Drive thru McD’s on the way to get a quality high fructose corn syrup-laden breakfast for self and child.
  • Rush child into his class at BSF.
  • Take the elevator upstairs b/c I’m too lazy to walk up the stairs in my heels.
  • Fall exhausted into chair to discuss last chapter of John.
  • Listen to amazing lecture – the last of the semester!
  • Pick up child who had a fearful moment and freaked out during kids’ BSF over a man feeding some fish in a pond outside. ???
  • Eat lunch.
  • Naptime for child.
  • Worktime for mommy: ads, layouts, announcements, etc.
  • Pass out briefly for 20 minutes.
  • Awake to the cries of “Mom. MOM. MOOOOOOOOM!”
  • Glad to finally think about Farmers Market on day it actually happens so we go.
  • Purchase strawberries and fresh bread.
  • Target for the purchase of big boy pants and regular ol’ diapers.  And pasta sauce.
  • Home in the rain.
  • Creation of dinner while working on projects and returning of emails.
  • Change sheets. Or wait. Was that the day before???
  • Eat dinner.
  • Run to deliver a final proof to client. Think to self, “Maybe I’ll take a moment and run an errand or two while out.”
  • Frantic call from spouse because child will not calm down because Mommy is MIA.
  • Drive home lawfully fast.
  • Comfort visibly distressed child. Make first of 3 attempts at bedtime.
  • Application of medicine to now-fevered child.
  • Eat strawberry bread purchased at Farmers’ Market.
  • Bedtime attempt #2. Bedtime prolonged to allow medicine to kick in and reduce fever. Ears are being tugged at.
  • Put child to bed. Sleep ensues.
  • Mommy passes out on couch next to spouse. Rouses briefly to fall into actual bed.
  • Third attempt at bedtime around 2:30am to watch Elmo for an hour b/c child is feverish and frantic again. Ear throbbing.


  • Awake. Barely. Against my will.
  • Watch Cars and Elmo simultaneously to improve sick and sad toddler’s mood.
  • Child into shower. Mommy into shower. Removal of Wednesday’s makeup in shower.
  • Cereal consumed.
  • Hair dried.
  • Calls placed to pediatrician despite child’s hysteria.
  • Troubleshooting on design projects.
  • Off to pediatrician. Bribery commenced to keep child from having total meltdown.
  • Child melts down somewhat, but better than before. Child reminds mommy of bribe after it’s all over with.
  • Meet Daddy at Sbux for snack.
  • Retrieval of bribe incentive at Toys R Us.
  • Rush home to meet grandparents.
  • Quick change of outfit.
  • Rush to lunch to be interviewed for BSF leadership position. Am I visibly sweating?
  • Delicious lunch.
  • Rush home to be there before child awakes.
  • 10 minutes of quiet before The Awakening.
  • Shower #2 of the day for child.
  • Application #2 of fever reducer for child.
  • Watching Cars for the second time of the day.
  • Retrieval of antibiotics to treat double whammy ear infection.

And we haven’t even made it to 5:00 yet today!

What on earth did I do before I had Jude?

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