“Doe a Deer”

We watch a lot of The Sound of Music (aka, “Doe a Deer”)around here.  It’s a good story with no language I have to filter or be embarrassed by, about a big family with catchy music and beautiful scenery, not to mention the kid appeal of 7 children.  When Maria comes onscreen, Jude squeals “MARIA! IT’S MARIAAAAAA!”

This morning, as I was getting him ready for school, Jude looked at me and said, “Mom, I want to give you a kiss.”  Of course I love this and think it’s precious. So I offered him a cheek.  “No, Mom,” he says forcefully.  “No. I kiss you like in Doe a Deer.”  And then he leans in and pops a kiss right on my mouth.

Admittedly I was a little surprised by this. We are not mouth kissers around here, folks!  I mean, me and the Mister are, of course, but not w/ our kiddo!

“Jude,” I said haltingly, “Uh, just who is it that kisses like that in Doe a Deer?”

Jude put a finger on his chin as he thought.  “Ummm … uhhh …”  I could see the wheels turning. “It was, uhh, her?  The girl?”

“Liesl? When she kisses Rolf?”

Jude lights up.  “YES!”

Hmmm.  I’m thinking the song might be “I am 3 going on 17.”  Oh deer dear.

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