Kate Spade & A Mouseketeer

What Kate Spade & Annette Funicello have in common?

Later this summer, we’re going to take a little family vacation to Southern California and finally take Jude to Disneyland. I say finally because our plans have been thwarted a couple of times. But it’s a go this time.  I was looking for pictures of Disneyland to show Jude (a big mistake – all he wants to do is look at pictures of “Disneyland on ‘puter”) and stumbled on some cute ones of Annette Funicello, original Disney darling and Mouseketeer.

Stylistically, I am in love with this photo. So many of the clothes from the late 50s to early 60s are right up my alley. Look at this adorable little striped frock she’s wearing at a Disneyland performance. Her waist was tiny! But this is such a great look – it could still be worn today and not appear costumey or like you’re that girl who shops at the thrift store and only wears vintage. You know what I’m talkin’ about.

A smaller, grainier version of what the dress looked like in color:

Portraits from this era are so great too. The color is always so gorgeous – not too harsh. Check out her serious fingernails!

Then I realized as I was checking out the Kate Spade site that Annette could easily be the poster girl for Kate.  Similar dress to the first one, non? I adore it.
katespade stripe fab dress

I don’t know if Annette would’ve worn short shorts in the Disney era – probably more in the Beach Blanket Bingo age – but I adore this look. It is so unexpected and the colors are so fresh and bright.

katespade brights

The mix of linen shorts with the silky top is perfection.

katespade flo top and shorts

Another perfect dress. Actually, Kate Spade doesn’t do ugly. Ever.

katespade sunny isle dress

What are your favorite eras of fashion?

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