Insurance, Projects, & Life

Life doesn’t appear to be slowing down anywhere in the near future. I guess that’s ok.

Let’s see, what’s been going on….  Insurance adjusters came by yesterday and apparently were a little bit stumped by the amount of damage. Then there was an article in the paper here today about how the total from hail damage will be more than that of the tornadoes on May 10. That’s amazing to me.  The insurance guys suggested that we just throw out our rug and chairs in the living room b/c of the glass. We keep finding glass, now 10 days after the fact. Jude stepped on some just the other night and had it wedged in his little foot. Yeah, THAT was fun to get out. Nothing like holding your screaming child down so you can get the shard of glass out of his foot. It’s a lose-lose situation.

I am not excited by the proposition of throwing out my rug. I LIKE my rug.

Then again, I like this rug too. Hee hee

Seriously, though, there has got to be a way to get all the glass out.

We got some pictures in the mail the other day from Simon’s grandmother. She took these at my birthday party a month ago.

I love it that in this day and age of digital photography and email that she still shoots on film and sends it to us in the real live mail.

We also got in the proofs for Uptown Kids’ shopping bags. I have never been so excited! It’s so much fun to work on this project – just wait’ll you see it all done! Construction has begun on the site itself; grand opening is in August.  We’ll launch their website at the end of June.
UPTOWN KIDS - bag proofs

UPTOWN KIDS - bag proofs

I guess all this stuff is going to make me appreciate going on vacation even more! We’ll be leaving next week for Los Angeles – and a side trip to Disneyland!

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