Prom 2010!

Ok, just kidding. We didn’t really go to prom. But it was probably about as close to getting dressed up like that than we’ve been in 10 years.

Divergence: We actually didn’t have a prom at our high school. Simon and I both went to a really small Christian school where there was no dancing, so we had a banquet. It wasn’t til I went to college and joined a sorority that I went to my first real dance. Now that was a sweat-inducing experience, let me tell you.

Back to this weekend. A few months ago, Simon wrote a blog post on a new development being built  in northwest OKC called Cypress Springs, a state-of-the-art memory care facility for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. The developers graciously invited us both as their guest to the annual Alzheimer’s Association benefit this past Friday night at the Skirvin Hotel in downtown OKC.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to dress up in our fanciest duds, we accepted and had a fantastic time.

Rachel ready for the prom



In addition to several silent auction items, there was a fun live auction. I regret to inform you, though, that Simon did not, in fact, bid on the $5000 fur coat for me. ::sigh::  Oh well. Back to designing invitations for me. 😉

Thank you to Cypress Springs for including us this past Friday night! It was an honor to be included and I hope that lots of money was raised for such a worthy cause.


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