Must be in the water…

It would seem that people are definitely feeling like the recession is on its way out, because at this time last year, business was, well, slow. Fast forward to this year, and things are going crazy! Yay for weddings, bridal showers, new babies, and social events! Keep ’em coming!

I was working on updating my portfolio this past weekend. My printed portfolio, that is – my online portfolio is sadly lacking. That’s the hard part of freelancing; you should be spending your time on maintaining your own stuff, but then you get busy enough that self-promotion gets put on the back burner. Before the summer is up, I really want to redesign (which has a ton of broken links, and needs a whole lotta help) and redesign this blog as well.

Anyway, I think sometimes I like to post my to-do’s here so that way maybe I actually will get motivated to do it?

Can’t believe that these letterpress lovelies have been sitting in my book now for nearly three years. It feels like Keri and I were just working on them last year!

These were samples of a double-sided invitation that I had proposed to one of my brides. We ended up going in another direction, but I fell in love with the concept, and I love how they look in various colors.
IMG_5677 Would somebody PLEASE get married and use curry as “their” color? I absolutely adore this color, and the matching curry envelopes are to die for. TO DIE FOR.

Of course, they’re gorgeous in pool, too.

Another proposed concept. I love the pattern of the plus symbol. The color combinations here could be endlessly delightful. And just imagine the other goodies you could do with that plus symbol. Die-cut plus symbol favor tags? Yes, please! Or large-scale, on programs? Fun.

I’m working with another bride right now who has the coolest location. More on that later when I reveal the final version, but this was one option. I really like the idea of mixing and matching patterns within a color scheme.

What are some of your favorite trends in paper right now? Any color combinations in particular that you’re head-over-heels with?