Jane Jenni Melamine

And now for some

Aren’t these illustrations so cute? When I was on my hourlong tour of Yukon the other day, I stopped in at Sorella Due, the cutest little kids’ boutique, and I picked up a couple of these melamine plates by designer Jane Jenni. A little bit of googling led me to her site. She has a whole line of adorable melamine plates, as well as mugs, buttons, etc., all with these quirky, personality-laden illustrations. I came home with the Big Cheese and Cutie Pie plates. But I’m loving these too:

These plates are really reasonable — $8.50 apiece and fun for the kids. Or for you. My only gripe about melamine is that you can’t microwave it, but other than that, I’m loving it. Jude thinks they’re pretty fun, too. And I was thisclose to getting him the chatterbox one, but decided against it.