Here & There


Another washout of a week here in OKC! I was never so ready for a dinner out with girlfriends as I was last night. Jude was supposed to have soccer camp this week (read: free time for me to work/play/read/get stuff done) and it was canceled all but one day.


Thus it’s been a tricky week in terms of juggling life. Additionally with the painters being here to wrap up the kitchen/living room job (see the before), it was kinda bonkers around here anyways. So if I’m behind on emails, orders, etc., it’s all for good reason. I guarantee you I’m not sitting around eating bonbons while watching Days of Our Lives.

But! I’ve managed to clean out my shipping room (a disaster — anyone want to do a transformation on it? It’d be a magnificent before & after!), organize some mail that’s been making me crazy, tossed out a bunch of toys that we needed to get rid of, and more. So all is not lost! And I also got busy making my list of things I want to get done this summer when it comes to the house. prep-for-summer

Somehow even with Jude being here all the time and out of school, I still feel as if I’m more able to focus on a few fun (erm, to me)  projects that I’ve put off during the schoolyear. I’ve also reassured Simon that All The Decisions Being Made about the kitchen and living room have reassured me that we should NEVER attempt to build a house. Oh my goodness the decisions! All! The! Decisions!

Sidenote: taking a 5 year old furniture shopping is kind of like taking a monkey out in public.  Someone commented on my IG that he looked so well-behaved in this photo. HAAAAAAAAAA  ::wipes tears from eyes::  It was nonstop “Are we done yet? Can we leave? What are we doing? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO DO SOMETHING FUN?” And I’m all “OMG I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!”


Then there was this photobomb —


Aaaaand it was about this point three stores later, after I’d sweetly, calmly demanded that “IF I HAVE TO TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME TO GET YOUR SHOES OFF THAT COUCH” that I’d determined that we’d both had enough. Enough enough enough.

Which is why I was driving faster than the speed limit to get to dinner with the girlfriends.

Hey, parenthood is survival. No man – or mom, for that matter – is an island.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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