I Heart Girard

Have you heard of Alexander Girard? You may or may not have, but you’ve probably seen his illustrations around. He’s known primarily for his vibrant, exciting textile designs based in folk art. I was first introduced to his work when I was working at a local gift boutique that sold some of his pillows. They went on sale, and I fell in love — and voila. They became ours. They’re the two sun pillows pictured below.

In the recent past, though, House Industries has introduced not only a variety of typefaces, but also a great selection of Girard objets. And while I love love love them, I can’t imagine that I would ever shell out the $$$ for them. They’re definitely not cheap, despite their child-friendly appearance.

This nativity, in particular, is just so beautiful. I have never seen anything like it.

I hadn’t seen this matching game before (below). Again, it’s confusing – it appears child-friendly, but the price is crazy ($320!!!). Still, gorgeous packaging, gorgeous product.
I may have to satisfy my Girard obsession with a simple tee shirt (only $26 – whew).

However, this Girard-inspired typeface, Sansusie, is just too fun. For the right project, it could be delightful. Imagine it in color!
See the entire House Industries collection, including typefaces, here.