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We are big rug people, Simon and I. It’s like an addiction, really. But what better way to bring a little color and pattern into your everyday life than a fantastic rug? Our old house had gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the entire house, just begging for gorgeous rugs to be laid on them. Our new house, though, has carpet in most of the house, with the exception of the family room, kitchen, and entry (a cool brick floor).  

Anyway, we’re always in the market for a new rug, and our front entryway in particular calls for a nice runner. When we were in Florida on vacation, we were totally set on purchasing one of the gorgeous Madeline Weinrib Amagansett rugs from ABC Carpet & Home in Delray Beach (yes, that ABC Carpet & Home — who knew there was one in FL?). However, it was with great sadness that we just couldn’t seem to find one in the right size or color combination to really make it work. So I need to call them again now that we’re in the house so we can get something to work. I really love the pattern on the one pictured above. Each rug comes in a variety of colors; it’s so hard to choose just one!
I love the color of the aqua one above; I’d like to paint our bedroom in that color perhaps. I’m also totally loving the French blue of the one below, though… so many colors, so many choices!
And while it’s not right for any of our spaces, check out the electrifying pattern of the fuchsia one below!
I particularly love this red one (below). I think it would be perfect in our family room, and we really need to get a new rug in there. The old stripe rug we have has seen better days and is showing its age. The green version of this rug is one of my faves, too.

Ok, and who can resist a great zigzag? Isn’t this one exciting? I don’t know how it would be to look at day in and day out, though (hard on the eyes?). Any thoughts?

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