Summer Magic

Summer is creeping on by, and we are enjoying the not-yet-100-degree temperatures here. I love this time of year; summer in Oklahoma is characterized by high heat, the sounds of cicadas in the late afternoon sun, and vibrant sunsets. 

At this time of year, I always think of the old Disney movie Summer Magic with Hayley Mills of original Parent Trap fame. When I was little and I’d go to my Grandmother’s house, we would watch old movies, and this was one of our favorites. Lovely Burl Ives co-stars, and there’s lots of great songs and a little romance to boot. I think of the scene where they’re sitting out on the porch at dusk, the mother in a rocking chair, everybody just feeling lazy in the summer heat… it’s just a feel-good, summery kind of movie and it makes me think of my own family, sitting outside until it’s too dark to see, by the pool, everyone all warm and sunkissed from a day of swimming. I think of the feeling of walking in a wet swimsuit, wrapped up in a towel, and opening the door into the kitchen when the air-conditioning hits you full-force. Run, run, run to a hot shower!
Anyways, I digress… not much to report here, but we’re just enjoying each other, and enjoying Jude. He is a busy, busy boy and definitely on the move. The other night, we were giggling at him because his feet were popping out through these PJs (above). He looked like such a little urchin.

Summer is also inspirational when it comes to trying new recipes. My new favorite is from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food: baked polenta fries. They were SO easy and SO delicious. You’ve got to try them! It’s a new fave here at our house. I paired them with baked parmesan chicken that was also delicious and super-easy.
Tonight, Jude took  us on a crawling tour of the house. He crawled further than ever today, and he is just thrilled with himself and his new ability. This means that I am constantly on the run w/ the new Swiffer Vac, trying to suck up any wandering rolie polies, dust bunnies, or wayward Cheerios that might be in his path. Because inevitably, they will all end up in his mouth. We’ve already fished tree bark and particle board (don’t ask) out of his mouth in the past few days.  

This might be the bark about to be consumed (above).

When Simon came home from work tonight, I had dinner awaiting out on our lovely patio. It’s the first time we’ve ever had dinner out on our new table (shocking, I know). We have got to do this more often, despite the flies and mosquitos. Jude was nearby, playing on his blanket, trying to eat more tree bark and grass. It was so beautiful outside… just an idyllic evening.


The blueberries were particularly good tonight.

Whoops, here he is going into the powder bath. So much to explore!

Domestic scene: Simon at the counter in the kitchen while Jude makes his way into the laundry room.

And he’s off again – around the bend!

This is the face of determination: he is going to get the dust pan next to the refrigerator.