Accentuating the Positive

Today is all about accent tables. Since we bought our new house, I’d been on the hunt for some snazzy new side tables, specifically for our bedroom. Up until now, our nightstands have been pitiful; an Ikea Lack table for Simon, and an old college Target find for me. Both are showing their wear and tear, and aesthetically, neither fit the look that I was wanting for our room.
So, thus began the great hunt. As I was searching, there were numerous choices that I could fall madly in love with. Alas, their pricing is hardly worth writing home about. But, they make for nice eye candy, so I’m going to post them here so we can all drool together.

In the end, we ended up going with this white mirrored table for me (above) and  this great dark wood table below for Simon (below). Both pieces are from ZGallerie and were better when it came to the $$$. The one thing I love about both of these pieces is the pull-out tray. How handy! Plus, both have adequate storage for books, magazines, and other whatnots.
So now that we’ve got our bedside tables, I still find myself drawn to several of these other accent tables. I especially love garden stools – I just saw this white one over at the ZGallerie website. Isn’t the detail gorgeous? At $99, it’s an excellent price for such a distinctive design.
I’m loving these brightly-colored garden stools from Pottery Barn. They’re so shiny and candy-esque. I also like that they are a simplified take on the classic Chinese garden stool. Minimal theme, you know? At $149, also not going to break the bank.
Speaking of breaking the bank, check out this beautiful side table from Williams-Sonoma Home (below). I adore WSH. If I could just buy out their entire catalog, I would. Their showrooms are to die for, too. If you ever get a chance to visit one, take the opportunity! I try to keep an eye out on eBay for any pieces that show up, but they’re few and far between.
I just found Cottage & Bungalow via Elements of Style. C&B has soooo many great accent tables from several of my favorite designers. Once again, the colors seem to make all of these tables that much more fun.

Both of these nailhead-trimmed tables(above and below) are fun; I like the exotic twist on the blue one below. 

Loooooove this one (below) — it comes in a bunch of colors, too.
Another rif on the garden stool.

Whimsical and fun, this table (below) would be great for a little girl’s bedroom.

A couple final favorites from Eboniste, another of my favorite online purveyors of unusual furniture. There are a ton of great little side tables in a variety of whimsical styles. The curves of the Hollywood Table (below – $695) are fantastic.
And finally, while this isn’t exactly an accent table (it’s a console), I thought it was worth adding to the mix. The calligraphic curves on the Paris console are incredible. I would love to see this one in person. It also comes in a coffee table version, although I think the console is far more dramatic.