Stationery Academy

The Stationery Academy

Eight years ago, I was working as an in-house designer for a teeny tiny apparel company (tiny! party of 3!) called Pink Sugar. I designed our website, clothing line, and any printed materials such as line sheets, etc. It was exciting and overwhelming because I was in a creative industry but frankly, we were flying by the seat of our pants. Every. Single. Day. There was no oneto turn to for advice; those in the industry that we did know were tight-lipped, backstabbing, and not interested in helping out anyone but themselves. Blogs and online communities hadn’t hit the mainstream yet and that spirit of collaboration and sharing the wealth of knowledge was nonexistent.

A year later, I left Pink Sugar and began freelancing as a graphic designer. I dabbled in stationery and made my bread & butter by doing identity projects, collateral materials, etc. It was exciting, but a lonely time. Again, lots of flying by the seat of one’s colorful pants. I think I’ve said it before, but the internet has changed the community for independent designers. The world is smaller, and we are less closed off to opportunities. Other designers are willing to share their expertise and help others along their way.

That’s why I’m excited about participating in this year’s Stationery Academy. Launched in 2011 by my friend Whitney English Kolb, the Stationery Academy is an intensive workshop experience for creative entrepreneurs who are interested in the paper industry. I first heard about it last year and I thought, “YES! That is something I want to be a part of!” So when Whitney contacted me about – gasp! – being a speaker at the Stationery Academy, I about fell out of my chair and laid in a stupor for a good 30 minutes. Uhh, where do I sign up? YES YES YES!

I’ll be speaking about launching and managing your Etsy business at this year’s Stationery Academy and I simply cannot wait. I am so excited to pass on any wisdom from my experience and to hear from other designers as we are all empowered and inspired to pursue our passion for paper. If you’re a designer who loves paper and dreams of running your own paper company, this is the conference you need to be at.

From the website:
Students will graduate from The Stationery Academy having identified clear, strategic next steps to bring authenticity to their brand, strength to their business processes and unforgettable experiences to their clients. Students will also receive:

  • Two days of interactive workshops focused on Business 101 and Branding 101: simplified, powerful business strategy and building an authentic, strong, soon-to-be nationally recognized stationery brand. See workshop topics below.
  • Beachside Cocktail Orientation and Celebration Graduation Dinner at The Grand Marlin in Pensacola Beach, Florida.
  • All meals on Friday and Saturday.
  • A personalized Stationery Academy workbook (among other special gifts!) to be used throughout the Academy to simplify, refine and strengthen goals, processes, business strategy and overall brand.
  • Access to the exclusive Stationery Academy Alumni private Facebook Group and resource center.
  • A credit for $300 worth of fulfillment printing credit.

The Stationery Academy is also offering a giveaway – a scholarship! – to one lucky recipient. You can apply for the giveaway here.

Get more info on the speakers for this year’s Stationery Academy at their Facebook page and at their website.  I hope to see you there!