“Mazie, I love you!”

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I think this is what Jude is thinking these days. He has become obsessed with her, and it just cracks me up. When he sits in his Bumbo or Jumper, he is just watching her so intently. If she deigns to walk near him, he squeals with delight. Last night, he was sitting in my lap, and Mazie wanted up too (she’s clingy that way). Given that his other love is putting things into his mouth, he wants to squeeze Mazie and shove her into his mouth. I’m sure fur doesn’t taste all that good. Actually no – I’m not sure.

Poor Mazie. Life has changed in some ways for her since Jude’s arrival. In some ways things aren’t so different – she still gets to sleep with us, and she still gets to enjoy cereal with me in the morning. And really, she’s been extremely tolerant of Jude came. I think she loves him, really. But lately, since he’s been grabby and bite-y, I can practically hear her thinking, “Ohhh, great. He’s going to be like all the other little kids. Soon he’ll start chasing me.”

Life can’t be too bad, though. She has to know that soon he’ll be chucking food off his highchair, and she’ll get to reap the benefits of that little perk.