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Do Not Disturb sun hat - Summer 2016 Reading List - Hedgehouse Travel Towel -

Summer Bookshelf: What Are You Reading?

I’m hunting new books to read poolside this summer (let’s all take a minute and have a hearty laugh about that. Go ahead. I’ll wait) or in reality, during naptime or after the kids have gone to bed. Because there is no poolside reading with a toddler in tow, amiright? On the way to the
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Back to School Giveaway!

It’s only a few days til school starts here, and so I thought I’d reward my readers with a little goody bag- because kids shouldn’t get all the school supply fun, right?   So what’s included? Ohhh, a whole lotta goodies — all my favorites for you color-loving office supply junkies! Included is the most gorgeous
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@psstudio behind the scenes preparing for fall collections

Behind the scenes: PSS

Do you like behind the scenes posts? I absolutely do – I’ve had this post sitting in the queue for awhile now and I’ve finally gotten around to photographing the real life mess of my studio! My poor housekeeper – she comes once a week on Mondays and this is the scene she’s stumbled on
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Pencil Shavings Studio @psstudio pillows, colorful, custom color, indoor/outdoor pillows, preppy, Kate Spade-inspired

New Pencil Shavings Studio pillows are here!

Summer is in full swing here with the new Pencil Shavings Studio pillows that just arrived!  I’ve personally tested these on my front porch for over a year, and I am THRILLED with how durable these are. All the pillows are an indoor/outdoor fabric and we use them both outside as well as in our
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