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Carlton Landing: Easter 2016

Spring! Spring! Spriiiiiiiiiiing!!! Can you feel it? We spent the weekend in Carlton Landing for Easter and it was absolutely glorious. It’s funny, it’s almost been 2 years since we bought our house here and so much has changed. Not only in our own little family but in the community overall. With Archer walking now,
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@psstudio Spring Break on the Disney Fantasy. Cruise to the eastern Caribbean - travel with kids -

Spring Break: St Thomas & the Caribbean

We’re back from a faaaaabulous (said in Oprah voice) weeklong getaway with Jude for Spring Break this year. We ended up leaving the baby in OKC with my in-laws so that we could all really truly have a vacation and not just a trip (parents, you know what I’m talkin’ about!). The main thing that
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Archer’s First Christmas

I’m sure I’m not the only mother out there who sighs deeply in relief once all the Christmas craziness is over. Baby’s first Christmas is a big deal and I wanted to do it right and absorb it all.  But now that we’re done, I now feel like I’m on vacation as we enter the
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The Rapture & How To Scare Your Kid to Death

(Editor’s note: tongue in cheek a bit on this post.)I don’t really write about my faith much, but I was kind of laughing with some childhood friends the other day about  our collective church experience growing up and how it scarred us. And also scared us. I mean wait  – it SHAPED us! UGH. See how
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