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Pencil Shavings Studio Sprinkles Medium Lucite Tray with crazy stripe iPhone case -

9 Years of Pencil Shavings

Happy Birthday, Pencil Shavings Studio. Nine years ago in April of 2008, I started blogging regularly after a stop-start of posts that date back to 2006(!). I’d been a graphic designer for a few years at that point, working for a tiny apparel company and then eventually running my own little studio (party of 1!).
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Anniversaries, birthdays, and life

This week we celebrated our 9th anniversary, which in my mind sounds like a long time! I remember as newlyweds in our Sunday school class at church, we were in a big group of “young marrieds” which was divvied up with newlyweds, people married more than 5 years, people married with 1 child, and people married
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Happy Birthday, Pencil Shavings

I’m hardly able to believe it, but two fast years have gone by since I launched Pencil Shavings (then Pencil Shavings Paper) Studio on Etsy.  I opened the shop on January 26th, 2011, and I had $100 in sales that first month. After having been blogging for 3 years at that point, I was feeling
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VIVA Las Vegas

We are so not spontaneous people. Well, I like to think I am, but really, I like structure. I do like surprises a lot. And so last week on Tuesday, we decided to be spontaneous and found a killer deal on Las Vegas for our fifth-anniversary weekend. It was a mystery deal from for
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