VIVA Las Vegas

We are so not spontaneous people.

Well, I like to think I am, but really, I like structure. I do like surprises a lot. And so last week on Tuesday, we decided to be spontaneous and found a killer deal on Las Vegas for our fifth-anniversary weekend. It was a mystery deal from for a 5-star luxury resort at a sickeningly good deal. So we jumped on it, not knowing what hotel it would be – just knowing that it would be good.

And ohhhhh. Was it ever. Our mystery hotel was the brand-spankin’ new Aria at City Center, the umpteen-billion-dollar project that just finished up. The bed was honestly the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. Anywhere. On any continent. Including my own bed. It made our bed feel like a plank.

We even flew for free on airline miles leftover from American Airlines, so it was even MORE of a good deal – this makes my husband SUPER happy.  It was probably the best trip that we have had since … maybe our honeymoon? I don’t know. We were like two lovestruck teenagers. It was sickeningly fabulous.

The pool area at Aria was gorgeous and relaxing.

Lunch at Canaletto (MMMMMM) at Venetian.

He told me to look just as it was sunny.

The architecture is always so over-the-top amazing.

Light & airy lobby at Aria.

Walking from Vdara to Aria one night.

At Bellagio.

At Ralph Lauren while Simon was trying on clothes. I was totally in love with the platinum seagrass wallpaper against the sleek vintage print.

It’s hard to say what my favorite meal was. Canaletto at Venetian was great as always, but our favorite casual meal was Wolfgang Puck’s Cucina at Crystals. We split a lamb chorizo pizza and their housemade lasagna. I can’t tell you which I liked better. They were both incredible.

But our big “fancy” meal was at Bouchon, the most ridiculously hard to find restaurant in Vegas. It was true to Venice, in a way – you ask four different people how to get somewhere, and you get four different answers. Incredibly frustrating. I guess they don’t want you to find it. I don’t know. But the food was like being back in France. Unbelievably delicious.

Check out the French onion soup. Three different layers of Gruyere cheese. I nearly died just smelling it. It was incredible.

I had the poulet roti and Simon did the croque madame (a croque monsieur but with a fried egg on top – the most perfect fried egg I have ever seen in my life).

Walking past Carolina Herrera. Check out those striped sofas.

At the Chihuly showroom at City Center.

All in all, an amazing, unforgettable, delicious weekend. I loved getting to get out of town and just relax with my love.

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