We’re going skiing. HELP!


Internet, for the first time in ages, somehow I/we have been talked into going skiing for spring break and now that we’re only a few weeks away, I’m panicking. (To be fair, it’s with a large group of friends from Carlton Landing and I have zero doubt we will have a blast.) But we’re in the dregs of winter, when I’ve essentially given up on all things fashionable and am living in my Ugg slippers and comfies the majority of the time.   Incidentally, the last time I went was in  1996 and it involved my mother dragging me into a local ski shop. I distinctly remember her handing me a pair of black waterproof overalls and saying “You’re going to need these.” Naturally in my 9th grade disgust, I wrinkled my nose and declared that no, I would NOT be wearing those awful things and that I needed to look cool. Why couldn’t I wear jeans again like everybody else?

I’ll let you figure out how long that lasted.

Fast forward to 2019, and it doesn’t seem like ski wear has changed all that much. But I’m older and wiser now, and less inclined to be miserably cold and so I’m willing to take one for the team and put on some horrible chunky-thigh pants.

I hate hate HATE being hot, though, so how many layers do I really need? Help a sister out!

(And in my hunt for some style inspiration, I stumbled on some pretty amazing stuff. File this for later –)


with love,

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