Moroccan Moderne Guest Bedroom


Over the past year, I’ve been knocking out room after room in the Sooner Farmhouse project (see: the family room and screened-in porch) and I’ve finally got the reveal of their ahhhmahhhzing guest bedroom suite. I’ve threatened numerous times to move in (with promise of no meals needed nor do I expect them to do my laundry) but this time, I think I really mean it.

The client gave me free reign to explore my love of all things blue and I think what evolved in this space is a great mix of modern textures. The floors are concrete, and with the overall color scheme of navy and grey, I felt like the space needed some cushioning and warmth. The whole color scheme revolved around that amazing rug (and it’s soooo soft underfoot!) and it was about layering the navy with some brighter, lighter shades of blue to keep it more casual.

I collaborated again with Grace Allen Design on the window treatments, and they’re utterly spectacular. The texture of the wood shades is perfection with the shibori-inspired fabric drapes.

Originally I’d spec’d a different set of nightstands that were wider but the client found these for a steal on Wayfair. Jury’s still out on the overall quality but for the price point, you get that look for sure.


Such a happy space and I’m thrilled that the clients have already had guests over to enjoy this breezy blue getaway.



with love,

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