Paris, Birthdays, & Holiday Decorating

Suddenly we’re barreling towards the holidays and the majority of 2018 is in the rearview mirror. It’s time for a catchup and my current thought stream.


My preemie baby turned eleven at the end of the month. ELEVEN YEARS, Internet. How?  We celebrated with family and a new XBox (FORTNITE OMG) and dinner out at our family’s favorite local burger joint. I joke that if you looked at Jude’s cells under a microscope, you’d see wee tiny cheeseburgers.

I continue to stand in awe of the man-child growing before my very eyes. He is so very tall and handsome. I see glimpses of the man he is becoming and he continues to flourish throughout his fifth grade year. His kindness, sense of humor and sweet spirit are evident to all.


Our house at Carlton Landing is FINALLY back on the rental market in Carlton Landing. So hop on it and book your weekend getaway. You too can be enjoying languid evenings with glass of wine in hand.



PARIS 2018

Sometimes you need to feel spontaneous and young and free. And that’s exactly what my sister and sister-in-law will be doing with me when we fly to Paris on Monday. Two weeks ago I was chatting with my aunt and uncle in France when they mentioned how fun it would be to go look at Parisian real estate (they’re moving from their country house into the city). And on a whim, I looked up airfare rates and to my surprise, a roundtrip ticket to Paris from OKC was only $575 — but only the week after Thanksgiving.

When I mentioned it to my sister, her jaw dropped. “WE SHOULD DO IT,” were her exact words. And you know what? She’s right. Life is short. Memories should be made. Dreams should be BIG. So after much debate with the menfolk, we decided to do it. Christmastime! In Paris! I can hardly believe that we are actually going to do it. Then! We got my sister-in-law to hop on a flight and come with us — les trois soeurs a Paris!

We’ve rented the sweetest little Airbnb in the Marais, and I’m already making a list of all the favorite things I want to go do. The anticipation of this fantastic surprise feels like such a gift – a spontaneous, beautiful delight for this season. So much of my favorite memories in my life stem from that beautiful city and my days there as a student. I fell so deeply in love with art, culture and design there — so to go back with my sisters?

It’s a dream come true.