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If you love bathroom inspiration photos, then this is definitely going to whet your appetite for the final reveal. The master bathroom at our house in Carlton Landing is taking shape and we’re SOOOO close to getting it complete!  Mercury Mosaics and I have been working together to make this bathroom absolutely stunning and it’s fun to see all the sketches come to life.


Fifteen boxes full of gorgeous wall and floor tile showed up on Boardwalk Bungalow’s doorstep, and over this past weekend I opened and inspected every single piece. Handmade tiles are intriguing to me because of their individuality; no two pieces will be perfectly alike. They’re handpainted and depending on which color you choose to go with, there can be a high amount of variation from piece to piece. I love subway tile, but I wanted to push the envelope a little with color and texture. Glazed brick has been piquing my interest a lot lately for its dimension and I thought we could get a similar look with the 3×8 subway tile from Mercury Mosaics.

Mercedes, who owns Mercury Mosaics, was extremely detailed and made sure to let me know just what to do when the tile arrived. Every piece needed to be inspected and sorted. Due to the handmade process, there’s a lot of natural variation to the tiles, so any pieces that might have a slight warp to them need to be separated from the rest so they can be cut and used for corners, etc.  That’s what gives them such beautiful dimension.

It’s not about the finished look being absolutely perfect. It’s about the individuality that the handmade process gives.

I mean, the color just doesn’t get any better than that. It’s the most perfect shade of rich blue ever – and it was hard to choose because there were so many beautiful color options. Anyway, I sorted all the tiles according to size and depth and had them ready for the installers to show up on Monday.


But the piece de resistance might be the patterned hexagon tile floor .   Mercedes sent over a few different design options and it was so hard to choose. There are so many gorgeous ideas — and I’m not afraid of color or pattern, but the options were a wee bit overwhelming.

Here’s all the floor tile stacked up and ready to go on our Fermob bar cart. One more use for those handy dandy bar carts, people! NOT JUST FOR YOUR ADULT BEVERAGE OF CHOICE.

Here’s the floorplan view of the bathroom — gahhhhh. YES YES YES.

And here it is dry installed — I MEAN CAN YOU EVEN WITH THIS WHOLE THING.

The wall behind the sink is going to be tiled all the way to the ceiling with two sconces and a brass mirror. I also have brass hardware that’s currently living in Mailbox Purgatory somewhere in Carlton Landing (don’t get me started on our mail issues out there. It’s ridiculous.)


The view from the bedroom into the bathroom.


Unfortunately we couldn’t stick around CL for the install, so Lindsay has been sending me snaps of it along the way. The vanity wall is complete and the shower is to follow. THAT NICHE!!!!  I DIE!!!!!

You guys, I might never ever leave Carlton Landing, ever again. BUH BYE, MY HUMDRUM DAILY LIFE.

Ok, hang tight — the reveal is to come in a couple weeks!

with love,

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