Let’s hear it for bold vintage sofas & big statements


I was flipping through Architectural Digest when I stumbled on this gorgeous spread of Marie-Helene de Taillac’s Jaipur apartment and I died right there of the sheer colorful fabulousness.  That bold lipstick pink couch is everything, no?  I mean, talk about making a major color statement in the living room.   The rest of the home features that coolly chic pale turquoise, and plenty of other blues layered in for good measure.

Bold and colorful lipstick red sofa in Jaipur apartment featured in Architectural Digest

Look at the trompe l’oeil technique happening on the back wall below, to echo the actual arches. Brilliant.  And a fun way to contrast the classically Indian aesthetic with some more modern furniture.   Also, is it time to resurrect the chevron? Or is it too soon?

I’m also intrigued by the use of graphic patterns on the floor to contrast all the other things happening in the space. Maybe not what I would’ve chosen, but it works. Reminds me very much of Madeline Weinrib (who is going out of business at the end of the month and I am DEVASTATED.)

Also, now I need a canopy bed just like this. Pls send now.

It’s a good reminder overall that you can go very monochromatic and then bring in pops of high contrast, whether it’s through color or a neutral (like the black chairs above or the bold sofa below).

 If you loved this, you MUST see this fellow Jaipur resident’s spread in AD too. SO GOOD and one of my all-time favorites. Another great lesson in how to mix-and-match patterns to utter graphic perfection. 





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