3 fashion designers giving me color hope right now

Internet, it’s cold and dreary and I am so over it. I need the sunshine to come back and to soak up some vitamin D. The flu has been rampant around our parts, although so far we’ve avoided it. But it’s kind of at that part of winter where the end is near and you can see spring on the horizon, but it still feels so utterly far away.

So. ENOUGH. Let’s get some eye candy in front of us NOW. I’ve been up to my elbows in inspiration for my Rowe project and we watched the most interesting documentary on Dries Van Noten the other night on Amazon Prime (which, btw, I’m in love with for all the streaming options – DO NOT miss The Marvelous Mrs Maisel). I LOVE seeing other creatives’ inspiration and process and it reminded me of how inspiring runway shows can be.  I stumbled on these shots from a few different runway shows for spring. I am so crazy inspired by these shots and I had to share.


Valentino always cuts a beautiful, feminine design and the color combinations on this particular series was insanely fab. Fearless. And I love the mix and match of textures.


This peachy pink moire silk is divine.


Always feminine, colorful and happy.


In short, it’s the way I’m dressing in my fantasy life when I’m not wearing MDS Stripes.

I get that yellow can be polarizing. But wow – I’d wear it every single day if I could.

Stripes forever. And ever.

The perfect pairing of a bold canary yellow with a blue that’s so dusty it could almost be grey.


Hang on, friends. Spring is coming.

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