Thanksgiving 2017

Internet, I can’t remember the last time I went so long without writing!  I have so much to tell you about.

The week before Thanksgiving was a blur. Due to the extra week given to all the One Room Challenge participants, which was much needed, it means that entire week had deadline after deadline to meet. Typically I’m working down to the wire on those reveals; I don’t shoot everything until two days before. And yes – I am the photographer for everything, every single time, mostly because (1) I’m free for me to use (haha) and (2) I’m so picky about getting the shots that I want. #perfectionismproblems

To compound matters, I’d been working on the Crossings Home for the Holidays women’s decorating & baking event since roughly August and it wouldn’t have been an overwhelming week except for that One Room Challenge reveal getting pushed back. So the week was a blur of shooting for two days to get all the shots I needed (and OF COURSE it was super overcast and dark which means I’ll go back and reshoot later gahhh). And then all day Thursday and Friday I was at the church getting everything prepped for Home for the Holidays event.

Oh yeah – and Simon went to the ER for high blood pressure that week too. (Spoiler: he’s fine now that he’s on meds). And did I mention we were leaving for his family reunion cruise on Sunday?

I’m having high blood pressure just thinking about it all again.

Ok, but first, about the holiday decor workshop. Overall nearly 500 women attended the event, and while it was a ton of work, it was so satisfying to me to be a part of it. It involved two separate sections: first, we had 3 different vignettes in the main atrium where the music & talk on advent was given. I was in charge of the Color & Whimsy section, and my vignette was so crazy colorful and happy.  My theme was “Oh What Fun!” and I had this idea to do a colorblocked white Christmas tree. We rented the pink velvet sofa from Ruby’s Vintage Rentals and it was the perfect piece to finish out the scene. Originally I wanted to do this stunning Thibaut wallpaper for the backdrop but our budget wouldn’t allow for it, so instead we did the silky aqua drapes. They were perfect – and all those ornaments are shatterproof from Hobby Lobby. Kidproof AND pretty!

My partner for the event brought the cutest vintage sled and we used that in lieu of a coffee table, loaded up with the happiest polka dot hat boxes. (Simon: “Everything is so …. pink.”  Me: “It’s a WOMEN’S EVENT.”)

The finials on the mantel are also from Hobby Lobby and they are my faaaavorite.  I handmade the tassel garland (i’ll try to pull a DIY post together about it!) and the honeycomb fan garland was from Devra Party.

I wish I’d gotten better photos of it, but oh well. There was too much other stuff to do. But can I tell you how happy it made me to see all those lovely women piled up with their girlfriends, taking photos together? Love love love.

Then in the room we did the workshop in, I recreated the tree from downstairs. I wish I’d gotten a shot of our tabletop setup. It was so fun and happy!  And I used my favorite Annie Selke quilt in lieu of a tree skirt.

This was one half of my class; everybody walked away with a pretty amazing goody bag, including an art print of the canvas I’d designed from the vignette. Oh What Fun!

I collapsed in a heap with zero voice on Friday night once it was all said and done. It was so sad to tear everything down after all that hard work to put it up. But pack it up, we did, and then I spent all day Saturday alternating between doing laundry and packing for the cruise, and taking naps. I was so wiped out and my body said “ENOUGH.”

On Sunday we flew out to Houston and spent the night in Galveston where we boarded the Royal Caribbean ship for the week along with 30+ other Shingleton family members. It was quite a crew but it was so fun to be all together. The cousins played nonstop and we all took tons of naps.

For those who have asked, Archer was a new man on this cruise. None of the fussing and general angst of the Disney cruise. Simon and I died laughing on the first night when the waiter brought Archer a cup of milk in a goblet. A GOBLET. (This clearly wasn’t an uber-kid friendly cruise the way Disney is). Anyway, Archer practically all but stuck his pinky in the air and drank his milk with the enthusiasm of a connoisseur. Perhaps the old man trapped deep down inside that toddler body just needed to be with His People Who Get Him?

We spent Thanksgiving day in Cozumel which was not a bad way to enjoy the holiday. And on Saturday morning, we disembarked and flew back to OKC where I’ve been doing laundry and Christmas decorating ever since.

So stay tuned. You just might see that colorblocked Christmas tree again here shortly.

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