My new secret rug source

Ever since the great Week 3 Debacle of the One Room Challenge, the entire formal living room had been thrown out of whack. You can click through the link there to get the whole long story but the main thing was that we got new furniture that we didn’t intend for the formal living room.  And we also needed a rug to tie it all together.

Then a week or two later I found myself at Home Goods where there was a lovely aqua Safavieh rug that I thought might be pretty in there, but the size was off. But because I’m crazy and can search like a maniac to the ends of the internet, I stumbled on the same rug on eBay in the right size, but it said it was damaged. A quick perusal showed that this particular seller specializes in damaged Safavieh rugs for a STEAL, and most with free shipping.  I’d hazard a guess that most of them aren’t even truly damaged – they’ve got scuffs or dirty spots on the bottom of them where you’d never even know the difference.  Or some have a few unbound spots along the edge of the rug. All of the listings have detailed photos so you can see what you’re getting into.

The one I wanted was listed for $330 and I got it for $250 by sending over a Best Offer.  It’s lovely and soft underfoot and for the price, I’m totally happy with what we got.

These types of rugs definitely have two different sides to them — in other words, if you’re standing on one side of the room, it may look darker, and if you’re on the other side of the room, you’ll see the lighter side. So orient your rug to how you want to view the rug most of the time. It looks lighter and more calming when facing the new sofa and brighter towards the front of the room where we get a ton of light.

Then because I was feeling particularly lucky, I shot over another best offer and subsequently bought another rug — this one also a 9×12 — for $185(!).  I’d intended it for the newly reminted dining room-turned-reading room, but it looks pretty amazing in our bedroom, and Simon loves having something soft underfoot.

So! For less than $500, we got two enormous 9×12 rugs with free shipping — and that’s what I call bang for your buck.  All that to say, if you aren’t super picky about rugs being kinda scuffed underneath or having odd little discrepancies to them, this eBay shop is definitely a winner.




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