4 budget-friendly ways to freshen up the house


It’s a New Year and with the holidays behind us now, most of the decor is put away until next year. Everybody’s got organization on the brain and I’ve started mentally planning out a few projects I want to tackle over the next few months. Sometimes the itch comes along for something new – new furniture, a whole new style, or maybe an entirely new house. And frankly, that isn’t the best feeling, is it? It’s easy to let discontentment start to simmer when the internet and bookstores are full of glossy images of perfect spaces. I completely understand the feeling of being tired or uninspired of your current space. It’s time for a fresh outlook! So what’s a budget-conscious girl to do? Time to get creative, my friend.

I’ve got all 4 ways over at Better Homes & Gardens’ Style Spotters today. Hop over and catch ’em – and while you’re at it, take a gander at all the new branding happenin’. Wheeee! #graphicdesignnerd