Thanksgiving 2016


The fastest way to induce panic in a graphic designer who NEEDS their laptop is to leave the power cable two hours away at the lake. Which means the first half of this week has been a mad scramble to get a new power cord and get everything pulled together. I feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the Internet! So it’s good to be back here and I have so much to tell you about!

I took off most of last week from work stuff since Jude was out of school all week for Thanksgiving break and we filled the week with going to the movies, dinner with both of our families and then a trip out to the lake to bundle up in our jammies and hang out with friends.

However. The bummer about leaving after Thanksgiving lunch? No leftovers to munch on. 🙁


But the fun part of being at the lake? Walks down the boardwalk with these guys:img_1225

Here was my baby last year on this same week:

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And my baby this year (OMG he is soooo big! Mr. 22 Months Old)


We spent the weekend taking long leisurely walks through the ‘hood and going to feed the chickens. They were so happy to see Archer waving handfuls of Corn Flakes (“1 for you, 12 for me”).


And we made enormous messes in the kitchen. I’m going to be so sad when Archer outgrows taking baths in this sink. Over the weekend we perfected the art of saying “Yes.” And by we, I really mean Archer. Learning how to nod his head yes as well as say it has kind of changed his world. 2016-11-26-20-05-22

Archer of 1000 Faces.


Poor Jude was down for the count by Friday night after roaming the ‘hood with all his buddies. He came down with a bug and stayed in bed for 36 hours.

Modern American farmhouse in fall at Carlton Landing

And we couldn’t let the Netflix Gilmore Girls reunion pass us by, so we binged on that all weekend long. Have you watched it yet? I have alllllll the thoughts on that ending!! Feel free to comment w/ spoilers in the comments below.

Modern American farmhouse in fall at Carlton Landing www.pencilshavingsstudio.comModern American farmhouse in fall at Carlton Landing www.pencilshavingsstudio.comModern American farmhouse in fall at Carlton Landing

Internet, it was the first time in 5 years I haven’t been stressed out of my mind in preparation for the holiday season. I kind of miss the frenzy of prepping my shop for Christmas and pulling together the orders, etc. But I don’t miss the stress. I don’t miss the feeling of making everybody else’s Christmas amazing while my own family’s was put on the back burner. I’m already 75% done with my holiday shopping, and that hasn’t happened in I don’t know how long.   An affirmation again that I made the right decision.

Boardwalk at carlton landing

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  • Karen Bullard

    We of course spent our free time watching GG too. So SO good! I literally cheered every time an old character entered. Cried about Richard (more than once). Cried at L and L finally together and THAT LATE NIGHT WEDDING! Swoon. And the life and death brigade segment. So perfect. Sookie’s cakes. Emily’s move. “Wild”, the book. Rory writing the story. I could go on and on. Loved it all.
    I’m still team Logan in spite of it all.
    I’ll confess I’ve already re-watched it. Better the second time. 😊

    • I liked the Life & Death brigade segment. I thought the whole 4th episode was the best of the whole season. And while it was frustrating to see Rory as a total mess, it made sense — they lost a major part of their lives w/ Richard, so OF COURSE they’re kind of unhinged.

      I died over the scenes of L and her mom in therapy together. DIED DIED DIED. So hilarious. Sookie could’ve spent a leeeeetle more time there, IMO.

      • Karen Bullard

        Oh yes. The therapy sessions were fabulous! And Sookie’s absence left a big hole, I thought. She was such a huge part of the original. And “It was always Luke”. Love that so much. When Loralei came back from Wild and that scene in the kitchen with Luke. Perfect.

  • Les Gutierrez

    im 10000000% even more team jess!!!
    except now, im team jess is TOO good for Rory.
    why would they bring back up an old subject!? you already ruined a marriage with dean, why come back and ruin an engagement now!?
    (i did love the “closure” scene with dean)

    i still dont know how i feel about the last 4 words BUT i can say that if thats really freaking it (i mean, they are! but you know what i mean) then im glad the palladinos left after season 6 because they are easier to digest for her to be pregnant at 32 than at 22. im glad rory got to “travel the world” or whatever hypothetically happened.

    UGH! the way jess looks at her! i cant deal with it. he still loves her. and he was so good for her / to her.
    ahh!!! (insert crying emoji face)

    i KNEW she was pregnant when she went to talk to christopher (yet still somehow didnt expect those to be the last 4 words)

    i HATED sookies plot line. i get that she couldnt make it BUT they made it seem like she really hurt lor by leaving the inn to find herself and when she came back, it was like nothing. lor didnt say a single thing.
    she just made a crap load of cakes and thats it. all forgiven.
    i LOVE how michel stood up to her though and told her how she hurt lor by leaving like that.
    AND if they knew they werent going to have sookie for that long….why didnt they shoot the wedding scene at the same time?
    how are lor and luke FINALLY getting married and sookie not be there? she was team luke since before lor was team luke (coming up for some air. haha)

    the wedding was the best! (another show where Lauren Graham ends it with a wedding bang!)
    can i just say that hands down, the best thing about the revival was KIRK!!!!!!
    he was the absolute best. id OOOber any time!
    and that Brita filtered water. LOL!!!!
    and did you see that wink at emily when he said hed be willing to have friday night dinners with her more often!

    someone left a comment somewhere over on FB and said something along the lines that, growing up, rory was an adult. and now that shes an adult, shes acting like a kid.

    so true.

    hmm…emily! LOVED HER!
    i love that she FINALLY kept a maid and not only that but her whole family.
    i love that she moves and works (volunteers?) at the museum.

    AND PARIS!!!!!!
    i loved her hair.
    i loved her plot line. ill admit, i thought she had something to do at chilton (maybe because of the previews) but im so glad shes running her own place.

    there wasnt enough lane BUT i love that from what we got, her life seems like its very well put together (and was it just me, but wasnt that sookies old house?)
    i keep reading everywhere that its not fair that lanes “life” got cut short by marrying zack and having kids asap.
    like, whats wrong with that? she has her family, she rocks out, and her husband, loves and provides for them. gah!

    it had its things but overall i loved it.

    …and im 100% sorry for all my rambling lol

    • YASSSSS I’m Team Jess too. Maybe it’s because of the new This Is Us show where he’s so uber-feelzy and manly. But he is clearly who she’s supposed to be with, underscored all the more by seeing Dean. I can’t even with the whole dumb Logan thing. Enough already.

      Finding out she was pg put soooo much more meaning into that scene with her dad. And in a way, I feel like she of all people would have been more, I don’t know, prepared to not get pregnant. You know? I mean for pete’s sake, she’s lived her whole life with a teen mom. Would she not have been on birth control since puberty? It just seems a little … farfetched. Like surely she wouldn’t just leave it all up to Stupidpants Logan.