Natural Wood Kitchens? Yay or Nay

Natural wood kitchens -

Internet, remember when we all freaked out a few years ago about brass hardware? And we were all “NOOOOO it’s so dated!” Except … it wasn’t the shiny gross ’90s brass. It was super chic in brushed finishes and sleeker design. Well, gird your collective loins — because wood kitchen cabinets are BACK and they’re chicer than ever.

Painted kitchen cabinets have been all the rage for quite awhile now, but like all trends, the pendulum is starting to swing again to the opposite. I’m starting to see more natural and stained wood kitchens pop up here and there, but thankfully it’s not the 1990s glossy oak (that still hasn’t totally died in certain corners of the country). Click through to Better Homes & Gardens to see a suuuper stylish roundup of 10 gorgeous natural wood kitchens, plus some pretty unexpected ways to pair all these different finishes.


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