Project: Moody Bachelorette Pad


I realized I’ve got a backlog of projects to show you guys! I’ve been such a busy bee all summer long and there were a handful of whole-house installations that happened after months of planning. And they simply MUST be shared – haha.  For this particular project, the client had an immense love for moody dark interiors in a contemporary setting and she was willing to take some risks. Not my typical gig with the lack of color, to be completely honest. But! I absolutely relished every single part of this project because it was such a great creative exercise. I love a project where both I and the client are pushed to try new things. It forced me out of my box and opened me up to so many new ideas. And I’m super proud of the end result.

The thing about projects like these is that they never happen overnight. To get a room done well, with all the layers and details, not to mention upholstery that doesn’t come from a Big Box store — it never happens in 4 weeks. This project began in January of this year, and just yesterday I finally installed all of the artwork which was the absolute last thing we were waiting on.  The end result is always worth it even though it’s a long fermentation period between concept and reality. Yes, it’s gratifying to walk in a store and pick something up today. But is that really what you want for the long run?


Honing the overall color scheme and look of the house was the first step. It was basically an empty box with a concrete floor, so to me it was all about softening the hard edges, and contrasting the contemporary lines with something comfy but still updated.  The client sent me images of dark black rooms, candles burning in the corners, and then pops of pale pink with icy blue. It was challenging – how do we cultivate the image of a cozy modern cave but still make it soft and approachable? And this was the result —

I found this beautiful marbled wallpaper and thought it would be a great accent to the space to break up all the cold chalky walls. It’s got just enough shimmer to it but still feels moody and sexy without overwhelming the entire space. . The client had already purchased a sectional, and she also wanted to keep her existing coffee table and TV cabinet. We compromised on the walls – I felt it was important to keep the remaining walls white and not give in to paint it all black.


The dining room had a really horrific light fixture that the client HAAAATED. As a nod to her desire for lots of candles, I suggested this gorgeous Arteriors chandelier. I mean, it’s crazy magnificent.

A great big cerused oval table with a modern chunky vibe, paired with those black woven armchairs. Perfect for comfy dinners with friends.


Upstairs in the master, the showstopper is this custom chair I had upholstered in a gorgeous Osborne & Little cut velvet. It was the PERFECT fit for this whole project because it incorporated all the colors we used throughout the house.

New grownup nightstands and pale pink leather lamps to coordinate with the client’s existing bed.


One of the bedrooms was converted into the client’s upstairs lounge/yoga room and we played it up with plush textures like that yummy chunky rug and a sleeper sofa in the most luscious icy blue velvet.  Faux shagreen side tables. And the artwork is getting placed.

The client is thrilled, I’m thrilled – it turned out to be such a fantastic project and I LOVED getting to help her out with this sexy bachelorette pad.

with love,

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