Pumpkin Patchin’ at Carlton Landing

Carlton Landing Lake House

Carlton Landing front porch swing with HBC Point Blanket www.pencilshavingsstudio.com

With Fall Break finally here, we ditched the city and ran straight for Carlton Landing.

Fall is our favorite season here, and I’ve decided that it’s not just because the weather is chilly and marvelous. It’s the sharp contrast to our everyday life in the city — schedules filled, frenetic, always something to distract or entice us. And at the lake, we are calmer, more inclined to rest, relax, and enjoy doing absolutely nothing of consequence. No, it wouldn’t be great if this happened everyday, but we need the busy to appreciate the downtime.

This particular weekend, there was a good old-fashioned tent-raising (for the church that’s there) and there was the end-of-season barrel-draining at the fish shack. In other words, it was all you could eat fish, beer and soda until all of it ran out. We went on plenty of long walks and enjoyed hanging out with another family who goes to school w/ Jude.


On Friday we took the boys over to the Arrowhead Stables pumpkin patch that we last visited when I was pregnant with Archer. I distinctly remember being afraid that I’d get stuck in the little barrel “train” they made. It was a tiiiiiiight squeeze with that baby in my belly!


This was definitely more fun now that Archer’s old enough to appreciate it. All the barn animals to feed and pet. And the softest velveteen bunnies!


Soooo happy!


Two photos exist of me there that day. Moms, I know you can all agree — we’re usually the ones behind the camera!fall-break-2016-carlton-landing-8 fall-break-2016-carlton-landing-9

Thing 1 and Thing 2.

fall-break-2016-carlton-landing-10 fall-break-2016-carlton-landing-11 fall-break-2016-carlton-landing-12 fall-break-2016-carlton-landing-14

Baby’s first pony ride.


Big Brother’s first time shooting a BB gun (OMG).fall-break-2016-carlton-landing-16 fall-break-2016-carlton-landing-17

Caption this photo: hahaha


And it was there as Archer rode around on the heavily pregnant pony that I learned allllll about how she got knocked up by the local donkey (which, I had forgotten, means the baby will be a mule, bless its’ wee heart) who THEN tried to convince the full-grown horse that she should engage in the same act of fornication reproduction as the pony. Well, then they found the dad donkey dead as a doornail because the horse kicked him in the head.

I guess that was a “NO” then, hmm? #lifelessons

Anyway, because I’m curious I looked up info about donkeys and mules and I didn’t realize that mules can never mate. Isn’t that crazy? AND, get this – zebras and donkeys that mate? They make (wait for it OMG) – zeedonks.  ???? Or zonkeys. Which is maybe the best word I have EVER heard. Definitely google them – the babies are soooo cute w/ their stripey legs and solid color bodies.

So there you go. A biology lesson for you on this Monday. #themoreyouknow ????

with love,

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