One Room Challenge: Week 4

Internet, it is the Hot Mess Express for week 4 of the One Room Challenge (see week 1, week 2, week 3). Nickels cannot even with all the furniture moving and shuffling that is happening over here.

Nickels the Chihuahua

I got the call on Friday morning that the sofa was going to be delivered (finally!) AND of course it was on the same day we were planning on celebrating Simon’s birthday with our families. I went into High Scramble Mode and moved the leather sofa into the formal living room. Along with 800 other pieces of furniture, or so it feels like.


This room is making me twitch. UGH. I need to get the green velvet sofa moved upstairs (so far only the cushions have made it!)  and then figure out what to do with the glass coffee table. (Internet, Archer thinks he’s an Olympic gymnast and likes to swing off the side of it. HALLLP.) It just feels all so busy and crazy in there right now. Maybe it’s also the 283 pillows.


I’m realizing I also forgot to shoot the old campaign dresser that I moved into our room to hold our TV. It toooootally doesn’t fit – it’s way too big – but it is what it is.

The sofa is sooooo beautiful! If you follow along on IG or Instagram stories then you’ll see the updates I’ve posted. I’m going to hold off on revealing it until the final week but we are THRILLED.  Yes, it is white — and there is no quicker way to feel Totally Judged than to tell people that you just got a white sofa. Yes, I am perfectly aware that we have children and a dog. And neighbor kids. And red dirt.  But I’ve been doing stain tests and I have to say, even dirt-disapproving Simon Shingleton is being won over. More on this later.


My fail for the week was in hunting down a scarf to have framed. Budget-wise I couldn’t bring myself to spend the $$$ to buy the Hermes one I really loved, but I did stumble on this Halston one from the Real Real that was only $40. But once it arrived? It was … meh. It’s darling, don’t get me wrong, but I’m more likely to wear it in my hair than frame it. It’s too small and underwhelming as art. Back to the drawing board.


Since we have the sectional in now, we’ve got this blank spot in the corner and I’m trying to figure out the best way to utilize it. Right now I’m experimenting with the Kenian chippendale chairs and a round table, but Simon isn’t convinced this is the best solution.


And my most favorite addition is the new waterfall console table* and custom x benches* from LivenUp that arrived this week. It took a couple of delivery tries from UPS Freight (as well as listening to the delivery guy go on about how bad his tooth hurts) but they arrived in perfect condition.


The wire situation is also making me twitch. My brother is working on putting a plan in place to get that mess out of sight. one-room-challenge-week-4-12

And thus Nickels is now curled up underneath everyone’s new favorite soft blanket and hiding from the constant rearranging, fluffing, and pillow fluffing.


Ok, that’s it for this week. Follow along on Instagram for more sneak peeks along the way! And stop by the rest of the One Room Challenge participants as they share their transformations.  Thanks to Linda at CallingItHome and media sponsor House Beautiful.

* Denotes sponsored or discounted items with lots of thanks to my ORC partners: Crypton // Rowe  // Annie Selke // Liven Up Design // Meredith Heron for JF Fabrics // Lamps Plus

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