This is the coolest nightlight ever (and I’m giving away 10!)


Legrand's Adorne line includes this pop-out nightlight/flashlight. It turns on automatically in the dark and it charges for up to 10 hours of use!

Last year I partnered with Legrand to show off their new line Adorne, featuring customizable switches, dimmers, outlets and more. We have been really impressed with the quality and attention to detail of our Legrand pieces, so when they asked if I’d like to test out their new portable flashlight/nightlight, I was all in.

This is a really cool product idea – it fits into your existing electrical box and the nightlight turns on automatically when it senses that it’s dark in the room. BUT! Even cooler is that it also functions as a pop-out flashlight.  Kiddos scared to walk down the hall to the bathroom in the dark? No problem! Did your electricity go out? Grab the flashlight – it stays charged for up to 10 hours.  Light settings include always-off, low, medium and high settings.


It’s customizable with any of the Adorne wall plates; ours are the Mirror White plates to go with our white walls.

In our house, my brother installed it for us upstairs in the bonus room/playroom in between the boys’ rooms.  And after lots of shouting back and forth to see which breaker turned off the electricity upstairs, we got it up and running. There was an outlet there that didn’t get a lot of use, so it seemed the most logical place to install it. I will say that if I was building a home from scratch, I would install dedicated nightlights in every bedroom in the house in addition to whatever other outlets; we don’t have enough outlets that don’t get used to make that work. But regardless, it’s an absolutely brilliant idea for hallways, kids’ bedrooms and anywhere else that needs a little light.

2016-08-31 18.54.51

Every night now when I put Jude to bed, we pop out the nightlight and tiptoe down the hall into Archer’s room where we watch the baby sleep for a couple of minutes. Then it’s back down the hall like little mice where we pop the nightlight back in to charge, and into bed with Jude to read stories. It’s the best part of the whole day. And so far we haven’t lost it, although I did find it downstairs in the kitchen one day (thx, Archer).


Thanks to Legrand for sponsoring today’s post! Legrand is generously giving away 10 SETS of the portable nightlight/flashlight. All you have to do is comment on this post on what room of your house you’d use the nightlight in (and then comment on Instagram for an extra entry!) PLUS I may or may not do an Instagram Story vid update. 😉


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