Recliners: the Ugg boots of interior design

Stylish recliners: do they exist? the hunt for the ultimate stylish man chair

For the past year or so, Simon Shingleton has been on the world’s never-ending hunt for stylish recliners which is pretty much the holy grail of interior design.  What is it with men and recliners?! Internet, as you might imagine, I am dubious about this whole stylish recliner business. I have yet to see a recliner that is attractive in any way. It’s like there’s absolutely no way to combine form and function in this one item.

There are few things in the world that are truly beautiful AND comfortable at the same time. In fact, I’m having a hard time coming up with any at all. Like Ugg boots, for example, or my Ugg slippers that I LURVE. SO comfortable! And yet! Soooo ugly.  How is it so impossible to make pretty shoes that feel as good as Uggs? And likewise, why are there no chairs that match the undeniable comfort of a recliner?

Conversations we’ve had about recliners:

“How do you feel about red leather?”

“Seriously? Why can’t you just lay on the couch?”

“What about a regular armchair … WITH AN OTTOMAN?”

“Because then I’m not truly reclining. I want my head reclined.”

“Isn’t that called a bed? Can’t we just watch TV in bed?”

Further complicating the matter is the fact that my husband is a giant at 6’4″. Therefore, most chairs are way too small for him, especially when it comes to any head or neck support. And we’re also going to need the chair to maybe not be in leather (why are all recliners leather? WHYYYYY) and also not too large of scale overall to fit the room and the rest of the furniture. NO NO NO NO NO.

So to recap, we need an attractive, comfortable chair that also reclines that also comes in something other than leather. This … is a challenge.  SEND HELP.

(image via Style Me Pretty)