5 Things

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This week we’re back into the regular routine of the schoolyear which is equal parts sucky and awesome. Sucky because homework, and awesome because routine and normalcy. Archer went back to Mother’s Day Out, and I’ve enjoyed cleaning house, rearranging furniture, making plans for the New Year, and throwing stuff out.

One thing I’m working on now is weaning Archer from taking a bottle with him to bed at night. I know, I KNOW. So bad, right? Yes. It is. But like most things in parenthood, you do what you gotta do to survive, and so taking a bottle to get him to go to sleep has been how we survived. Except …. he consistently wakes up every night around 3-4am even now almost at a year old and I’m convinced it’s because he wants that bottle to suck on and soothe him back into dreamland. Which also means that I’m hauling it upstairs every night at 4am for bottle service. And I am soooo over that.

I’m also on the hunt for first birthday ideas – I imagine Archer’s first birthday is going to be pretty low key in typical second child fashion. Poor second born babies!

A roundup of some of my favorite things from this week:
1. Colossal Claus cookies. The ultimate salted chocolate chip cookie recipe. This has dethroned my personal favorite cookie recipe (the Neiman Marcus cookie!).

2. Why Americans dress so casually. A fascinating read from a historian’s perspective.

3. Have you heard of the Parabo Press app? A super easy way to order prints directly from your phone. Use code IMPROQ for $5 off your first order! You could use it to make one of these cute engineer prints.

4. Emily Clark did a fab roundup of the HGTV Dream Home this year. It’s a remodel as opposed to new construction, which I think is especially interesting.

5. I’ve started running again(yay!) and I really love being outdoors even in the cold (maybe especially in the cold?). But I found that I didn’t like getting my wool scarves all sweaty (gag). I picked up this one from Lululemon (stripes, natch) and I have to say I’m totally obsessed. It’s surprisingly versatile with that zipper and can be used in a lot of different ways.