Archer: 9 Months & 10 Months


I’m so behind on Archer’s monthly updates for my own records. In fact, we totally blew past his 9 month checkup in October (too much stuff going on between traveling to LA and then my mom’s health stuff).  This giant baby is wearing 12-18 month clothes, eating loads of food (including the dog food a couple times – oops) and is generally lovable and huggable. We’ve celebrated his first Halloween and first Thanksgiving.

We finally made it to the pediatrician last week(!) and here were his (nearly 11-month old) stats:

  1. Height: I forgot, but it put him in the 80th percentile
  2. Weight: 23 lbs (60th percentile)
  3. Head circumference: still off the charts

Loves: His Daddy (like OH so much), crawling, getting into everything, climbing the stairs, watching his brother

Hates: being strapped down, having his diaper changed.  When he gets mad or upset, he yells “MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAAAAAAA”

Suspicious of: anybody who tries to talk to him. I have never seen such a suspicious baby in all my life. It’s like he’s sizing people up, determining if they’re cool or not. Crazy baby.


He’s still waking up in the middle of the night on a semi-regular basis, which is all together exhausting for me. It’s been hard to maintain a normal schedule, and I’m a firm believer in a tight nap routine. But between Mother’s Day Out twice a week (code for: naps are not super high quality) and having to pick up Jude at 3 every day from school (code for: have to wake him up from his nap), it’s been flat out hard.

October_23__2015_at_0303PM October_28__2015_at_0729AM

Speaking of waking up in the middle of the night, at 4am a couple of weeks back I heard him start crying on the monitor. Not unusual crying, just your typical run of the mill complaining. So I stumbled out of bed and went up the stairs, down the hall, and into his room, where I found that baby CRAWLING ON THE FLOOR OF HIS ROOM. I nearly had a heart attack right there on the spot. He was absolutely fine, and I’m still confused as to how he actually accomplished this feat. But it scared the living daylights out of me. I thought the crib was pretty low as it was, but nope. Now it’s about an inch almost off the ground. I mean that sucker is LOW now. As low as it can go.

September_20__2015_at_0500PM November_07__2015_at_0853PM November_21__2015_at_0846PM November_23__2015_at_0317PM

I’d forgotten how exhausting this busy phase in general is. Jude was busy busy busy but I’m thinking Archer may take the cake. I bought a baby walker for him off of Craigslist, but he figured out how to climb out of that too, so I got one of my belts to safely keep him attached to it. At this point, all I have left for guaranteed security is the darn carseat!

Thankful every day, though, for this busy happy little baby who’s brought so much joy to our family.

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