PSS Travels: A Stylish Los Angeles Getaway Weekend

Simon's birthday trip to Los Angeles -

All of a sudden it feels like a lifetime ago that Simon and I stole away to Los Angeles for his 35th birthday. It had been over a year since the two of us had gone away solo, and it was heavenly. We’ve been going to southern California for well over 15 years – ever since being a college student at Pepperdine, I’ve left a little bit of my heart there, so we try to go back frequently. Except in the past 5 or so years, I hadn’t returned quite as often. So it was a real treat to go sans kids and whoop it up a bit.

Our flight out left at Dark o’Clock in the morning and we got into LA at 10 in the morning (OMG) and it was then that I remembered why we haven’t gone back to LA with kids in years (because they don’t sleep in and then you’re still getting up at Dark o’Clock every morning even though YOU’RE ON VACATION).

Quite possibly the highlight of the whole trip was the magnificent Viceroy Santa Monica where we totally splurged on a ginormous room. And it was worth every single penny. I’m pretty sure that if my spirit animal could be a hotel, it would be this.

Viceroy Santa Monica - designed by Kelly Wearstler - Viceroy Santa Monica - designed by Kelly Wearstler - Viceroy Santa Monica - designed by Kelly Wearstler - Viceroy Santa Monica - designed by Kelly Wearstler -

When I die, spread my ashes out by the cabanas, will you?

Viceroy Santa Monica - designed by Kelly Wearstler -

But beyond that, we got reservations for long leisurely lunches and took our time exploring little shops and neighborhoods.

Like perusing HD Buttercup‘s every last little nook and cranny – very much so the ABC Carpet & Home of LA.


Maybe our best friend were these stunning pendant lights that were – wait for it – only $95 apiece. They are a WHOLE lotta look for a little price. GORGEOUS. So we snapped up a pair to install at the lake.

HD Buttercup light fixtures


And then there was all that admiring of a rainbow of fancy shoes at Saks …Rainbow of Dolce & Gabbana lace heels with rhinestone floral detail

Not to mention geeking out over Grace Home Furnishings’ gorgeous showroom (EMERALD GREEN!).Grace Home Furnishings - emerald green living room -

How great are these numbers from Ilan Dei Venice?

Ilan dei Venice outdoor numbers

I’m not a huge Restoration Hardware fan overall (although I do adore the light fixtures and actual hardware), but their Melrose showroom is unbelievable. It’s worth the haul all the way to view the most stunning rooftop garden with views of the Hollywood Hills. Unbelievable. It’s a brand statement in brick and mortar format. LOVE.

Restoration Hardware flagship on Melrose in Los Angeles Restoration Hardware flagship on Melrose in Los Angeles

Griffith Park Observatory

I’m so glad Simon Shingleton was born 35 years ago. I am so lucky to have him – sometimes I”ll catch myself riding next to him in the car and think wait, I got to marry him? NO WAY! I like to think that High School Me would be pretty darn proud of us. 😉Simon & Rachel Shingleton at Griffith Park

Here’s to another 35 years, Mr. Shingleton. And also to long leisurely champagne brunches at gorgeous spots like The Ivy.The Ivy - Robertson Blvd - Los Angeles - The Ivy - Robertson Blvd - Los Angeles -


To stay:

  • Viceroy


To eat:

  • Gjusto
  • Lemonade
  • Bouchon
  • The Hungry Cat
  • The Ivy
  • Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

To shop:

  • Sundry
  • Sugar Paper
  • Ilan Dei Venice
  • Brentwood Country Mart
  • HD Buttercup
  • Restoration Hardware Flagship


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