Archer: Six Months Old


Running a wee bit behind on this but wanted to mark it nonetheless. How is it already halfway through A’s first year? NO!

Dad came with me to Archer’s 6-month well child visit yesterday, and we both cracked up because he looked so enormous next to the other babies. Then sure enough, the nurse told us that his body finally caught up with his enormous head (remember his 4-month checkup & the CT scan? OY): he’s in the 98th percentile for head and height and the 70th for weight. So he’s basically a giant.

Highlights: sitting up on his own, babbling to us, hopping in the Jumperoo, two new teeth, trying first foods, grinning like a fool and flirting with girls

Loves: his hands (still!), blankets in his mouth, his brother, and Nickels, and in a WONDERFUL turn of events, he now is tolerating riding in the car thanks to my friend Claire’s lovely lullaby album that she dropped by for us (it’s called Tucked In by the Night-Nights and it is beyond precious). Seriously, if you have babies or littles, go straight to itunes and grab it!

Hates: being hot, poopy pants (I mean, who doesn’t?)

Archer 6 months 3

Nicknames: Archer Bear, Nugget, Nuggie, Squawk, Love Nugget

Archer 6 months 5 Archer 6 months 8 Archer 6 months 4

Love you, Archer Bear!


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