Archer: Four Months Old

Baby Archer is 4 months old. LOVE.

Somebody is a whopping 4 months old as of yesterday. A few stats for my records:

Loves: Sophie the giraffe, watching himself in the mirror or in the camera of the iPhone in reverse, Nickels, riding in the stroller, bathtime
Milestones: started screeching like a pterodactyl and thinks it’s pretty funny to make super loud sounds. He also started trying out the Jumperoo for the first time.
Stats: 50% in height and weight and 95% in head circumference

2015-05-18 16.01.02-1



At his four month doctor’s appointment, he seriously upped his game in his overall size and weight (no more 5th percentile for weight!) and his head circumference sent the doctor reviewing his chart. Coming in at 95th percentile for head circumference gave him a little cause for concern, and so he suggested that we do a CT scan just to rule out any problems.

Which, naturally, made this momma a little bit nervous. I mean, who wants to see their tiny baby on all that big machinery? And nobody wants to believe anything could be wrong. They pulled Jude’s chart to compare where he was, and in my mind’s eye, I could see clearly the photo of me as an infant, playing with a baby doll – the baby doll’s perfect little round head in sharp relief to my GIGANTIC HUGE NOGGIN.

So off we went to the radiology department there at the hospital, me a weepy mess and the baby softly cooing in his stroller.  Meanwhile my Dad and Mom were at another hospital across town; she’d fallen and taken a nasty spill. It was not shaping up to be a great day overall for any of us!

2015-05-18 16.02.15

Once we were called back, the doctor had me place the baby in what was not unlike a vise. I was wrapped in one of those xray blanket sheaths and was told to lay pretty much on top of the baby to keep him calm and give him a bottle so he would stay still. I stared into his little face and watched his eyes as we were pushed into the giant donut machine. It began to spin around and I saw the lights flicker off of his pupils, his eyes widening with the whirring of the machine.

2015-05-17 19.58.07


We went home and I busied myself with house work. Dishes, running water, laundry to be folded. And then the phone rang from the pediatrician’s office. “I’ve reviewed the CT with another doctor and I’m happy to say that your kid just has a big head. The end.”2015-05-17 19.44.07


We all breathed a little easier and consumed a giant amount of cookies as a way to eat our feelings. I couldn’t put the baby down – hugging him to me and reminded again that these precious days really are the best of our lives.Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset 2015-05-15 14.04.02 2015-05-14 17.18.45-1 May_13__2015_at_0719PM

Happy four months, Archer. I can’t wait to see what the next one brings.


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