A Clean Start for Summer

Summer refresh with Garnet Hill at Pencil Shavings Studio - whale percale sheets -

With one week left of school, summer is in my sightline. I’m ready for sleeping in, cartoons in the big bed, and snuggling after late-night swims. No more carpool! No more rush rush rush to get out the door! The baby is still sleeping in our room and I’m hopeful that once we get past the 4-month sleep regression he can transition to his own room.  So in many ways, it’s a proverbial changing of the seasons, from one to another. From newborn to baby. From first grader to second grader.

Master bedroom at Pencil Shavings Studio

I’ve got a major to-do list of things I want to accomplish over the summer. Things like organizing the overflowing linen closet, painting the stairwell, and doing a little facelift to Jude’s playroom. I realized that the linen closet was totally out of control a few weeks ago when  I took off our heavy winter kingsize Nap blanket and realized there is absolutely nowhere to put it. It was draped on the couch in the formal living room for two weeks and now it’s in the laundry room. STORAGE FAIL.


Garnet Hill sent over these percale sheets in the whale print and I can’t stop grinning like a fool when I get into bed every night. Simon and I both like to sleep cool at night. I can’t stand to be hot and I definitely can’t get on board with flannel sheets, even in the winter. There’s just something about a nice crisp percale set of sheets to me. I love the happy summery whale print (Simon says we’re swimming in the ocean every night) and the color matched perfectly with my West Elm mod stripe shams and  Ralph Lauren Palmer duvet (in French blue) I sale-stalked last year.



But on a practical point, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised that the fitted sheet actually fits our Tempurpedic mattress. Have any other Tempurpedic owners had issues with fitted sheets? I googled the heck out of finding sheets to actually fit the darn thing. Because the mattress is so low-profile (around 11 inches, if memory serves) it’s been extremely difficult to find any to fit; they all wrinkle within the first night and we end up with loosey goosey sheets which drives me bonkers. I’ve tried Ralph Lauren, Macy’s Hotel Collection, and a few others with zero luck and found myself researching custom fit sheets, which is ridiculous.  So now I’m officially a happy camper and I may have to order these polka dot sheets too!

Here’s hoping I’m not overly ambitious in my to-do list for summer. Got any major plans? I’d love to hear ’em!

Thanks to Garnet Hill for including me in the Inner Circle bloggers’ group. Don’t forget to check out #GHSummerStyle on Instagram!

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