What’s Holding You Back?

Design problems: what's holding you back from moving forward with projects for your home?

Yesterday I got to brainstorming about different topics related to design, primarily as a way to come up with some new content. Which got me to thinking – I want to hear from YOU, fabulous reader, about what you’re interested in reading about over here.

Obviously the hot topics over here will always continue to be color, design (be it interiors or fashion), and how to mix the two into your everyday life – but I’m also interested in hearing from you about what your major problems are when it comes to design because I think we all share them. Style, in my opinion, doesn’t have to be inaccessible.

For example, yesterday on my personal FB, I asked everyone what it was that really gets them hung up on design projects for their home in particular. Budget? Style? And the answers were really fascinating. They boiled down to this:

Most people:

1. Don’t know what they want or need.
2. Don’t have the money to accomplish what they want.
3. Can’t afford to do a big makeover all at once.
4. Have no time to complete projects or DIY.
5. Are still figuring out style.
6. Don’t want to decorate with kids around lest their expensive items be destroyed.
7. Are reconciling ever-changing personal style with long term vision for the space (inability to commit)

I totally relate to the topic of not being able to afford to do a big makeover all at once. Design costs money – and it adds up pretty fast with just buying furniture, not to mention accessorizing it with meaningful items that are aesthetically pleasing.

SO. Talk to me – tell me what your hangups are, your pet peeves, your major problems. I want the nitty gritty. Comment away!

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