Week in Review

Happy Friday, friends!  What a week!  Guess what? Next week is going to be crazy – not only because it’s my birthday (hip hip) but also because we’re finally getting underway with our family room/kitchen re-do (hooray!). I’m beyond stoked to share it with you! And yes, I accept all forms of birthday gifts (wink wink, nudge nudge).

In Most Important News, my baby lost his first tooth this week. HIS FIRST PRECIOUS BABY TOOTH!  After telling me the day before that the tooth was wiggly and that he let his BFF at school feel it wiggle (uh, whaaaa?), I assumed it would take days for that tooth to come on out. But then yesterday morning I get a text from his teacher only 45 minutes into school showing me Jude’s toothless grin. I nearly died right there on the spot. Talk about bittersweet – it was the very first baby tooth that ever grew in his little gums! Sob!


Which, of course, brings on the debate of “how much will the tooth fairy bring?” Jude tried to convince my mom and I that in fact, the Tooth Fairy will bring him toys. “Nope,” my mom said. “I’ve never heard that before in my life. The tooth fairy only brings money!”

Amen. Also? Thank goodness for grandmothers everywhere.



This week is an annual favorite for us in Oklahoma City as it’s time for the Festival of the Arts. And it holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first things Simon and I ever did together when we first started hanging out.  Now we love to go peruse the booths and eat ourselves silly. Oh, and the highlight of this year? The police shutting down the streets because of a suspicious package. AWESOME.FURN

But – one thing we saw that truly was awesome was Tulsa native Laurie Keeley‘s line entitled Furn. Full of colorful, whimsical sculptures and outdoor furniture, she’s got an interesting knack for turning industrial pieces into whimsical, graphic outdoor art.   Those springy stools are the coolest – and I want a pair of her topiaries for my front porch. Apparently she also has designed a pretty amazing astroturf-covered sofa too.  It’s worth a trip down to the arts festival to catch a glimpse of it.

And if you go, you of course must paint your own pottery, eat loads of good food, and carry an umbrella just in case it rains (it’s an arts festival tradition that it rain cats & dogs, of course!).



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