In Between

I’m still not entirely sure that New Year’s happened. That’s what being sick over NYE will do to you; for all I know, it’s still 2012!  I’ve always been in my happy place –  that weeklong space  in between Christmas and New Year’s. The stress of Christmas is off but you still are in a holiday mode since New Year’s Eve is yet to come.

That indefinable in-between place is where we were (pre-flu) last week. We had come home from staying at my parents and were working to get everything put into place and yet still thinking ahead to being out of town the next weekend. Toys put away, the house picked up, laundry begun. Jude and I were on our own since Simon was out showing houses so we made some returns at the mall and let Jude spend his Christmas money at the Lego store. Then there were more errands – the bank, the grocery store. And I realized that we hadn’t really stopped in all the Christmas craziness to look at the lights at Chesapeake so right before we went to dinner, we took the time to catch the view.  There it is again — In between.

Then it was back in the car, this time to head to dinner. Tucker’s in OKC had given us a gift card (that I had meant to use earlier in the month) and since Jude is always a big fan, I knew it was a go on this particular night. We had had it up to our eyeballs with turkey and dressing and anything egg nog. The air was cold enough outside that a yummy burger & fries sounded comforting.

And so there we sat, two peas in a pod, gnoshing on our cheeseburgers and sharing a serving of fries in between us.

Big thanks to Tucker’s and EngageOKC for the gift card that went to much delicious use. Milkshakes, “cheese hamburgers” (what Jude calls ’em), french fries and iced tea abounded.  And you know we’ll be back!

Tucker’s Onion Burgers
2 Locations: Classen Curve or NW 23rd Street
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